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Saga Quartet Live & Recording

Saga is well known for their electric cross-over music & performances, but they do a lot of other projects as well. All women of the string quartet are professional classical musicians and available for recording sessions, music videos and composing/arranging.

Not only are they available as a quartet (acoustic or electric), they can be booked as a duo, trio, or a full strings orchestra.

Clients love working with the ladies of Saga because they can both effortlessly sight-read music, as well as come up with their own arrangements and/or improvise on any given theme.





Performing on the Tonight Show with Daughtry.

Rehearsal with Persian pop-legend Ebi Hamedi.

On-set ready to shoot Porsche commercial.

Playing Led Zeppelin arrangements with 

Led Zepagain at the Candlelight Theatre.

Latin Grammy's with Juanes & Miguel Bosé.

Playing the Latin Grammy's with Ricky Martin.

Playing the Latin Grammy's with various artists.

Playing the Nokia theatre with Ebi Hamedi.

Performing on the Tonight Show with Daughtry.

Performing at NAMM for Cecilio Music.

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